Introduction to the types and uses of circular saw blades

What is a circular saw blade? Introduction to the types and uses of circular saw blades

1. Circular saw blade: It is a general term for thin slice circular knives used to cut solid materials. It can be divided into: diamond circular saw blades for stone cutting, high-speed steel circular saw blades for metal material cutting (not inlaid with hard Alloy blades), cemented carbide saw blades used for cutting solid wood, furniture, wood-based panels, aluminum alloys, aluminum profiles, radiators, plastics, and plastic steel.

Metal Cutting Cold Dry Sawblades

2. Alloy saw blade: (also known as cemented carbide saw blade), is a round thin steel plate (base body) that has been processed and heat-treated with several teeth, and a cemented carbide knife is inlaid on the teeth. The circular saw blade of the head is installed on the rotating main shaft through the middle hole in the center of the base body, and is clamped by the chuck for rotating cutting.


3. Carbide saw blades: According to the occasion of use, it can be divided into circular saw blades for power tools and mechanical equipment (table saws, sliding table saws, precision saws, woodworking machinery, etc.)-professional Type circular saw blade, the accuracy of professional type is usually higher than that used on power tools. Its price is also high.

Metal Cutting Cold Dry Sawblades

4. Aluminum alloy saw blade: (also called aluminum cutting saw blade), mainly used for cutting aluminum alloy profiles, aluminum profiles, aluminum rods, aluminum radiators and other non-ferrous metal materials. Non-ferrous metal materials are difficult to process materials, so it is difficult to cut There are special requirements for performance and accuracy, which require targeted design and manufacturing.


5. Woodworking saw blades: (that is, alloy saw blades, cemented carbide saw blades) are used in woodworking and furniture manufacturing industries, dedicated to sawing all kinds of soft and hard solid wood, density board, fiberboard, particle board, bamboo and other saws The common name of the film.

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