Ningbo fights against new coronavirus!

A new type of coronavirus has emerged in China. It is an infectious virus of animal origin and can be transmitted from person to person. When faced with a sudden coronavirus, China has adopted a series of powerful measures to curb the spread of new coronaviruses. China follows the science of control and defense to protect the lives and safety of the people and to maintain the normal order of society.
Ningbo is a major foreign trade city. The government mobilized foreign trade companies to deliver 400,000 masks to Ningbo. Ningbo is stepping up its preparations and continues to organize and coordinate emergency supplies needed for prevention and control. Thousands of foreign trade companies and the suppliers behind them are an important source of supply for Ningbo. At the same time, the city has started relevant foreign trade export enterprises, looking for masks, etc.
Inventory of protective supplies from domestic sources was trying to supply Ningbo; at the same time, related import companies in the city were launched to find foreign suppliers of protective equipment such as masks, and the supply of imported protective equipment was explored.
At the same time, medical staff and community service workers gave up their vacations and did everything in their power to help patients, creating a safer environment for all. Many companies have also taken actions to donate and provide materials to Wuhan to support the prevention and control of new coronavirus-infected pneumonia. Everyone is working together to fight the new coronavirus.
In response to this epidemic, WASSER TEK LIMITED has been paying attention to this epidemic, in strict accordance with government regulations, formulating corporate epidemic prevention and control work plans and resumption production implementation plans, establishing corporate epidemic prevention and control work mechanisms, and establishing a product for employees and products. Qualified, safe environment.
Before we start, we will:
① Examine the flow of information during the holidays of each employee.
② The facilities and equipment of public places and personnel gathering places in the factory area shall be eliminated and epidemic-prevented in advance.
③ Inventory, research and judgment of raw material reserves to ensure continuous production cycle.
④ Carry out safety inspection of production facilities and equipment.
During the normal production of the enterprise, we will do:
① Persist in daily temperature detection of all personnel to enter the factory.
② Adhere to daily epidemic prevention before and after work (key areas where personnel are concentrated should be killed many times).
③ Adhere to the daily entry and exit of vehicles, personnel registration, and elimination of epidemic prevention.
④ Persist in reporting to the local government and community (village) daily
Following in the footsteps of spring, today, a large number of enterprises resume orderly. The resumption of work after the Spring Festival under unusual times and special backgrounds has a heavy burden on enterprises and corporate managers.
From this moment, in the safety work focusing on epidemic prevention, every enterprise must implement every aspect of its production and employee life. Strictly control ventilation, sterilize workshops, canteens, dormitories, and toilets, truly achieve epidemic prevention and control, and return to work, and provide adequate material guarantees to win the fight against resistance and provide strong support for the stability of the overall economic and social situation. Let’s do our best together!

Post time: Feb-10-2020