Precautions for the use of saw blades


●Touching saw blades when they are running is strickly prohibited! Be drawn into the machine directly or indirecly will badly hurt human body.

●Touching cutting dust without cover is prohibited, may get burned or hurt without cover.


Operating Condition

● Machine should install protective cover to prevent broken saw blade, flying dust from hurting people.Flammables and explosives should be kept away from the work shop.


Dress, Safety appliance

●Operator should wear protective glasses, working dress, working hat and working shoes.


Preparation before Using

●Ensure the machines are in good condition, no deformation and no spindle vibration, Spindle running tolerance h7.

●Make sure the blades are not excessively wom-out, blade body has no deformation or breaks to prevent injuries occur.

●Make sure saw blades are fixed in correct running direction. In- correct running direction will make the tip breaks and hurt people.


Install and Dismounting

●Make sure saw blades totally stopped and can not be started if some unmeant thing happens, then saw blades can be changed.

●Having danger of hurting fingers. Please operate carefully. When moving pay much attention to it.

●When Italling. keep the flange clean, do not have any foreign body.


In Using

●Make sure the protective cover already covered and there are no people stands in danger of area when start the machinc.

Saw blades can not be used for doing other works beyond it tells, otherwise, it will effect the result and may hurt human body.

●Operation must be stopped immediately and solve the problem once unusual noise or vibration happens, cutting suface not smooth or saw blades get burnt.

●If tips wom badly (beyond normal scope), please change the saw blade.



●Please take ofl the tub alter the saw blades has alrady been fixed.

●Using correct saw blades to cut comect material.

●Prevent from hurt human body and saw blades when stock, moving and insalling.

●Please operate saw blades as this instruction tells.

Post time: Aug-12-2021