Precision CNC machining service for OEM mechanical parts

We have rich experience in the processing of precision mechanical parts. It can provide comprehensive precision parts processing services to meet the various needs of different customers from simple to complex in a fast turnaround time. For the products we produce, in order to control product quality, we have a very strict product quality control system, which can ensure that the products we provide are of very good quality.
OEM precision mechanical parts processing capability

CNC milling and turning: Advanced CNC milling and turning help us to accurately manufacture parts. Many of the precision parts and components we machine are used in demanding equipment, and our spindles and real-time machining capabilities allow us to create complex parts in a single setup. We use lean principles throughout the CNC machining process. Our CNC milling equipment can perform vertical and horizontal machining. This allows us to provide other services such as contour milling, deep hole drilling and complex milling.

•Surface treatment service: With 14 years of processing experience, we not only ensure that the product quality and accuracy of our customers’ products meet the requirements, we will also provide surface treatment services for some products, which can make the parts look more beautiful and extend the use of accessories life.

Customized service: We can provide customized services for customers in different industries. As long as the customer can provide the corresponding drawings, we will help the customer and turn his ideas into reality. In each processing link, we will have a dedicated person in charge to follow up and send the processing progress and product pictures to the customer.
More than 70% of our engineers have 10 years of industry experience, and 10% have 20 years of industry experience. These experiences help us provide customized engineering solutions, minimize losses and increase productivity, and help us better Serve customers well. If you need us to help you provide a solution, you can contact us immediately for help.

Post time: Dec-16-2020