What are the CNC machining processes

Customized processing technology: A team of new and sophisticated engineers can customize economical and reasonable processing technology according to customer requirements. For major projects, we will discuss with customers and provide constructive suggestions to customers from the perspectives of structure, material selection, surface treatment, etc. We do not find it difficult and cumbersome. We only want to provide customers with new product development and CNC customized processing. Good help is also a self-improvement.


  • inspection process-raw material inspection

The hardware material has a wide range of types and models, which are difficult to distinguish from the surface, such as SUS304 and SUS316. The physical properties of different models are also different. Before the new precision processing, use the spectral material analyzer to detect the raw materials to ensure that the real raw materials are used for the customers, and the physical properties are required. The quality of the product has another guarantee.
【Processing: Tool Inspection → Process Inspection】


  • inspection process-tool inspection

If a worker wants to do his job well, he must first sharpen his tools. After the programmer has written the CNC machining program, the first thing the operator has to do is to prepare the required tools in advance, and specialize in new precise CNC operators. Will do one more thing — Before machining, use a tool detector to detect the flatness of the cutting edge of the tool and the concentricity of the tool after it is installed in the tool head. The risk brought by the tool is controlled before the machining and the CNC is omitted. This step of detecting the concentricity of the machine can improve processing efficiency.


  • inspection process-operator self-inspection

When the CNC program is completed, the operator will perform a self-check on the machine to ensure that it is correct before going to the next program or off the machine to control the quality of each process


  • inspection process-inspection

The inspection personnel conduct random inspections on the semi-finished products in processing to once again ensure the pass rate of the products
[After processing: post-processing → inspection → surface treatment → inspection → packaged and shipped]


  • Remove burrs and drape

For some complex parts with special-shaped parts, manual repairs should be made to ensure that the products are smooth and free of water chestnuts. For precision parts and batch parts, Zhuanxin Precision advocates that the parts that can be machined in Nanchang should not be processed manually.


  • inspection process

According to the product shape and tolerance requirements, the quality department selects three-dimensional, two-dimensional, altimeter, micrometer, and other precision instruments to measure all dimensions of the product to ensure that the product size meets the requirements of customer drawings.


  • process Customized surface treatment

After the product is tested and qualified by the colleagues of the quality department, the corresponding surface treatment can be done according to the needs of the product, such as: sandblasting, oxidation, powder spraying, baking varnish, electroplating, silkscreen, laser carving… etc. Various colors can be customized according to the needs of customers.


  • inspection process

Oxidation and electroplating will have a tolerance of 0.01mm for products with strict tolerances, and a tolerance of about 0.05mm for powder spraying and painting. Therefore, we will re-check the dimensions of all products after surface treatment to ensure that the dimensions after surface treatment are in the customer Within the required precision range.


After all the sizes are tested and qualified, take pictures for customer confirmation before packaging and shipping. For some high-end products, we can provide customers with customized packaging with LOGO; for fragile or heavier products, reasonable and safe packaging can be customized Ways, such as cartons or wooden boxes. Safe packaging and transportation are also responsible for the quality of our products, and we have dedicated personnel to follow up on the logistics information to ensure that the products reach your hands safely.

Post time: Jan-12-2021